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Post by Samsonyte on Sun Aug 27, 2017 5:25 pm

If you are already in a military organization but still want to raid with The Dark Vanquishers, then our Mercenary program is for you. If your organization approves, all you need to do is fill out this application in a new thread under The Blood Sacrifice and you can raid with us while still in another organization. A member of The Blood Corps will respond shortly. Alternatively, you can join our Discord and ping someone in The Blood Corps to have them review your application immediately.

[b]1. Why did you want to come to The Dark Vanquishers as a mercenary?
2. What organizations are you a part of?
3. Do you have any raiding experience?
4. Do you have any previous ties to defender organizations?
5. What organizations are you currently a part of or previously been a part of?
I, [insert name here] agree to follow the orders of my superiors and be loyal to the cause of The Dark Vanquishers. Glory to The Blood Corps![/b]


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