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Post by Vulturret on Wed Nov 15, 2017 7:05 am

The Dark Vanquishers: Ranks and Commission Information

The Dark Vanquishers have eight standard ranks, the equivalent of a standard raiding organization, but with some pretty bad-ass names. We will generally commission soldiers at a rank higher than the standard enlisted rank if they come from a respected military. We will usually carry over their ranks, especially when applying through our mercenary program, where foreign soldiers can come to be a part of TDV. Generally, the higher your rank is, the more experience and skill you have, but this does not hold true in all cases. When promoting, the Blood Corps will usually favor trustworthy and honorable soldiers, although if you are doing well on the battlefield and meeting the criteria for the next rank with the precedent established below, you can rest assured that a promotion is in your near future. Please, do not ask to be promoted. This is dishonorable, and will likely make it worse for your hopes of attaining the next rank.

Enlisted Ranks:
Apprentice: New to The Dark Vanquishers, apprentices are on their way to becoming great raiders but have not yet fully mastered the art. These aspiring raiders will typically consist of people who are new to NS and have no experience in R/D.
Foot-Soldier: Foot-soldiers are at the heart of the TDV military. They have completed basic training and a training run. They understand basic levels of raiding and are becoming present in TDV's community.
Executioner: Executioners have learned the more advanced raiding methods. They've undergone trigger training, and are starting to help with organizing troops at the discretion of the officers. Executioners are aspiring to become a great part of the raiding community.
Skullwrencher: Fully capable triggers, Skullwrenchers are allowed to lead raids by themselves, so long as a supervising officer is present. The NationStates gameplay community should've heard of this soldier, at least a little bit, by this point. Skullwrenchers are becoming raiding veterans, and are on their way to becoming feared by all.
Admiral: Admiral is the first officer rank in TDV. Its members should be experienced and skilled updaters. At this point, they will be expected to help newer Vanquishers and are allowed to lead raids unsupervised.
Terrorizer: Only highly skilled military personnel will achieve this rank. Terrorizers should be active members of the TDV community and should be known across all of NS. They will be responsible for helping integrate new members and should lead raids frequently.
Besieger: Besiegers are the most elite members of TDV. They lead the region in raids and can make important decisions. They are second in command to the Imperator and are tasked with making the region run smoothly.
Imperator: The Dictator of this region. Has absolute power and is 100% in charge. This role will only be held by one person at a time and will not be transferred often.

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