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Post by Samsonyte on Sun Aug 27, 2017 5:08 pm

Welcome to The Dark Vanquishers!

To become a Vanquisher, post a new thread in The Blood Sacrifice responding to the questions in the code. Please respond honestly. If you haven't already, join our Discord (join code: ZX6u8r9). Then you will all set to become a native-crushing, fenda-bashing, Vanquisher! Your application will be processed by a member of The Blood Corps shortly. In the mean time, be sure to explore our forums.

[b]1. Main NationStates Nation:
2. Nation in The Dark Vanquishers:
3. How did you hear about The Dark Vanquishers?
4. Why did you decide to join The Dark Vanquishers?
5. Do you have any experience in raiding or defending?
6. Can you be on at 12AM or 12PM EST?
I, [insert name here] agree to follow the orders of my superiors and be loyal to The Dark Vanquishers. Glory to The Blood Corps![/b]


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